Quality Account Indicators
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Quality Report

New Hall Hospital as a provider is responsible for providing quality reports internally or to participate in quality data collection that feeds into external quality reports (for example Patient Feedback). Some reports created are  required for New Hall Hospital’s  own internal Clinical Governance , some are required for our Ramsay Healthcare UK Corporate reporting , some are required for our  Stakeholders, for example the NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Care Quality Commission , and some are required for availability to  Patients (for example Patient Feedback such as Friends and Family) .

Reports may be on clinical issues, for example, patient safety incidents, on risk management , for example  on audits and others may be on issues like staff satisfaction.

Reports are created monthly, quarterly, bi -annually and annually and data is carefully summarised and scrutinised for trends, actions required and organisational learning.

Reports assist us to benchmark against other sites and are useful tools in our local governance and audit.

2015 - 2016 Quality Accounts can be downloaded here