Great review from student placement
Thursday 10 August 2017

From the start of my time under the mentorship of staff nurse Karen Herring I knew that these particular shifts were invaluable to my development as a student nurse, due to her eagerness to share her breadth of knowledge and experience to the next generation of nurses.

This desire instilled confidence in my own abilities and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zones, I had previously established.

Student-Mentor interviews were particularly advantageous and effective in comparison to previous I have experienced due to Karen very clearly explaining how certain competencies could be completed during a particularly short time period.

One significant aspect Karen expressed to me, which I will make sure to take forward into my future development, is the importance of linking my practice to an evidence-base, and thinking about WHY I am making certain decisions or doing certain actions etc.

Healthcare, and in particular Nursing are ever-changing industries with constant research developments and to be able to deliver the highest quality of patient care it is important I refer to the most current, and relevant research available. Yes there were times I felt pressured and "gently pushed", BUT I knew this was due to the relatively short placement time, and the fact that there will be times in my nursing career where I will need to maintain the deliverance of high-quality patient care whilst under pressurised situations. In this way I knew that Karen was ensuring that in my own future practice I would be a nurse of the highest standards.

I feel that Karen is a great asset to the nursing profession, especially in regards to the nurturing and developing of nursing students. On completion of my placement I saw her as someone to aspire to be in regards to her professionalism as a registered nurse.

Raymond Hayden

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