Shoulder surgery and the options for patients

There are many different types of shoulder symptoms, problems and treatments available and knowing which pathway to follow can sometimes be daunting. Our Consultants at New Hall Hospital have the expertise, experience and knowledge to be able to advice on the correct cause of treatment specific to the problem you may be suffering from.

The management of shoulder problems ranging from shoulder injuries, arthritis of the shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, frozen-shoulder, instability of the shoulder and impingement syndrome can be complex.  Although a lot of these problems can be dealt with by conservative means such as physiotherapy, some of the conditions require surgery.

A lot of surgery can be done arthroscopically (keyhole surgery) which allows for a rapid recovery, but some operations require open surgery such as joint replacements, stabilisation surgery of the shoulder and on some occasions, tendon repairs and reconstructions.  

There have been several recent advances in the management of shoulder problems, and one such advance is the use of a reverse geometry shoulder replacement.  This differs from a normal shoulder replacement in that the geometry of the shoulder is modified to allow improved function in patients who have extensive damage to their shoulder tendons as well as having arthritis

Another recent advance in shoulder surgery is the use of a balloon implant, which when used in conjunction with physiotherapy has considerably improved the function of the shoulder in the younger patient who has extensive tendon damage but without significant arthritis.  This procedure gives patient’s improved shoulder function when previously, prior to this intervention they would have had very poor shoulder function.

Mr Gurd Shergill is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who has 25 years of experience in Trauma and Orthopaedics.  He has been a Consultant in Salisbury since 2001 and has extensive experience of hip and knee surgery as well as general orthopaedics and trauma.  However his sub-speciality interest is the management of shoulder problems. Mr Shergill practises at Salisbury District Hospital but is also available to be seen on the NHS or Privately at New Hall Hospital. 


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