Breast Surgery

Breast surgery includes making breasts larger, smaller, lifted or a different shape. At New Hall Hospital it’s one of our most popular cosmetic surgeries for women of all ages. Men often choose to have a breast reduction too.

The reasons for cosmetic breast surgery are wide ranging and individual to each person. Often women have always desired bigger breasts, they may be tired of the constraints and attention that large breasts bring and want their breasts smaller or, they may want their breasts lifting after childbirth or dramatic weight loss. Here at New Hall Hospital we have expert cosmetic breast surgeons who will guide you through your preferred breast surgery and allow you to achieve the breast look you want.

We offer convenient appointments and excellent care for cosmetic breast procedures including: breast augmentation, breast uplift and breast reduction.

Breast augmentation

A breast augmentation, or a breast enlargement or a boob job, aims to enlarge your breasts to the size you desire and it can also enhance their shape. This is achieved by using breast implants that are simply inserted behind your natural breasts.

Breast augmentations are the most popular cosmetic surgery for women. They can enhance a women’s appearance and may increase her self-confidence

Women may choose to have a breast augmentation because they’ve always wanted bigger breasts, their breasts may have changed shape and size after breastfeeding or their breasts may be asymmetrical.

Your cosmetic surgeon will perform a breast augmentation under general anaesthetic, by making discreet incisions around the breasts to allow them to insert the implants. It normally takes between one to two hours.

Breast uplift

A breast uplift, also called a mastopexy, is performed to bestow firmer, shapelier and younger looking breasts and may increase self-assurance. This procedure will lift and reshape your breasts. It removes and tightens skin around your breasts and also re-positions your nipples so that they sit higher on your breast.

Women often choose to have a breast uplift if their breast definition has changed or their breasts sag. Life experiences such as weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause breasts to droop as well as natural ageing process.

Some women have a breast uplift at the same time as having a breast augmentation. This allows their breasts to be lifted as well as enlarged. Other women may have a breast reduction and breast uplift to achieve their preferred breast size and shape.

A breast uplift is performed under general anaesthetic and typically takes between one and two hours.

Breast reduction

A breast reduction, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, surgically removes some of a woman’s breast tissue and skin to create smaller and lighter breasts. It can also make the area of dark skin surrounding the nipple (areola) smaller.

Women may choose to have a breast reduction for aesthetic, practical and psychological reasons. It may be that they want breasts that they feel are more in proportion with the rest of their body. They may have suffered distress due to the physical nature of large breasts such as shoulder, back and neck pain, bad posture and soreness under the breasts as well as being limited in sporting activities. Often large breasts attract attention and a woman may feel self-conscious about her breasts.

Men can also choose to have a breast reduction, known as gynaecomastia. This is normally undertaken if the male breast tissue is too large.

A breast reduction is performed under general anaesthetic and usually takes between one to two hours. 

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