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Neurology & Neurophysiology Services

Study of the Nervous System and its disorders.

New Hall Hospital currently have two Consultant Neurologists, and one Consultant Neurophysiologist offering private clinics at New Hall Hospital. 

Dr H Katifi, Consultant Neurologist

Dr B Ghosh, Consultant Neurologist

All of our Consultants hold a NHS Consultant post and are registered on the specialist register for surgery at the General Medical Council (GMC). 

To make a private appointment to see a Consultant Neurologist or Neurophysiologist for a consultation, please first obtain a GP referral regarding your condition.

Once your referral is in place, please contact us to arrange your appointment. You can either contact our friendly customer services team on 01722 435149 or the Consultant medical secretary.

Individual profiles for our Consultant Neurologists and Neurophysiologist can be found here.