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The information on this page will help you increase your physical activity levels, in a safe way, in preparation for your surgery. 

In line with the national guidance, we would like you to aim to complete the below, weekly; 

  • 30 minutes, 5 times per week, of cardiovascular exercise 
  • 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times per week, of resistance training
  • Speed up your recovery

Try to include a warm up and cool down during each session.

Exercise Library

We understand that increasing your physical activity levels can be challenging and overwhelming. We have created a selection of exercise session resources for you to access. Below are ways in which you can access the exercise resources.

  • Separate videos of individual exercises, warm up and cool down
  • Full exercise session video (including a warm up and cool down)
  • PDF printable exercise sessions

The exercise videos provide thorough instructions to help you perform the exercises correctly. This will enable you to get the most out of the exercises that you are completing, please refer back to them at any point if needed. Some of the exercises use a resistance band, which will be sent to you, it is important you use the band correctly to avoid injury.

Firstly, you need to inspect the resistance band. Please check for nicks or small tears, that may impact the integrity of the band. If you find any flaws upon assessment, please discard the band and contact the New Hall Physiotherapy department, 01722 435 152, for a replacement.

Secondly, when using the resistance band ensure that;

  • The band is placed securely under your central foot. If the band begins to slip during an exercise, please stop and replace the band in the correct position and restart the exercise.
  • Do not use the band in a manner that will cause it to snap towards your head and cause injury to your eye.
  • Do not stretch the band more than 4 times its resting length (300%) elongation. If you need additional resistance from the band, please contact the New Hall Physiotherapy team, 01722 435 152, to discuss an appropriate alternative.

Exercises (individual)

Side Bends - watch here

Marching on the sport - watch here

Leg Press - watch here

Bicep Curls - watch here

Lateral Raises - watch here

Heel Raises - watch here

Hip Abduction - watch here

Sit to Stand - watch here

Upright Row - watch here

Wall Press - watch here

Mini Squats - watch here

Half Jacks - watch here

Exercise session (full session ~35 mins)

Watch the full session here.

Self-Directed Exercise

Useful Resources

Please find some useful resources here


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