Podiatric Surgery in Salisbury
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Podiatric Surgery

Podiatric surgery is the surgical treatment of the foot and its associated structures. It’s carried out by a podiatric surgeon, usually as a day case procedure. Your feet are in use every day and undergo a lot of pressure and wear and tear making them susceptible to injuries.

The specialist Foot and Ankle Centre at New Hall Hospital provides a high quality foot and ankle surgery service for local, national and international patients. Treatment is provided by a team of skilled and experienced foot and ankle specialists including an orthopaedic surgeon and three consultant podiatrists.

Our podiatric surgeons offer specialist knowledge and the very best in pre and post-operative care for a wide range of foot conditions with the aim to get you mobile as quickly as possible and relieve your pain. They are fellows of the faculty of surgery and members of the college of podiatry. They perform a range of foot surgeries including osteotomies, fusions and soft tissue procedures, most of which are day case operations.

Bunions, stiff big toe, Morton’s neuroma, toe deformities including hammer, claw and mallet toes, nail problems and heel pain are common foot problems we regularly operate on. We offer a convenient, affordable and comprehensive foot surgery service including consultations, diagnosis and surgical treatment as required.

New Hall Hospital have a number of Consultant Podiatric Surgeons including:

Miss C Freeman

Mr A McCulloch