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Weight Loss Surgery

It’s not surprising that weight loss surgery is on the rise with the increasing prevalence of obesity in both men and women in the UK. Here at New Hall Hospital we’re here to help you if you’re obese and you’re prepared to make radical changes to your diet and lifestyle.

We offer gastric band weight loss surgery which will allow you to kick start your weight loss if diet and exercise haven’t worked in the past for you. It restricts the amount of food you can eat which results in weight loss.

Obesity can have a great effect on your daily life, making it difficult to move around and can lead to psychological conditions such as depression as well as chronic medical conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.

So, take your first step to significant weight loss with weight loss surgery and a healthier diet and exercise plan. Our dedicated staff and experienced Consultant General Surgeon, Mr Charles Ranaboldo, are here to help and offer all the advice and support you need both before, during and after surgery.

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