Meet Camilla Betti, Senior Staff Nurse at New Hall Hospital

Can you tell me about your role and your place in the team?

I am currently a Senior Staff Nurse. It helps that I came in as fresh eyes, been able to see things differently. When you work in the same place for many years can be hard to see improvements

When I joined Ramsay in January this year, I found the leaflets we give to patients really helpful to understand the terminology. It helps being in language our patients understand and appreciate too. You can then expand on this based on your knowledge when you speak to the patients

What attracted you to come and work at Ramsay?

I came from the NHS, having worked through the pandemic. I wanted to have a change in career. I was a Ward Manager and came to Ramsay as a Senior Staff Nurse. It was a good opportunity to start afresh and enjoy being a nurse again.

I knew people who had worked here for many years. Talking to the staff at New Hall and hearing how they enjoy working here made me want to come to a family-type environment.

What has kept you here?

The people here are really lovely, really nice. It feels like a family. The whole team will do anything to help you.

When I started there was a group of 4 or 5 Health Care Assistants who all started around the same time. It can be an anxious experience when you start a new job, but with them it made everything go smoother.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I like the variety. Since joining Ramsay I have learned a lot of new things, and understand a lot of different specialities. You could look after six patients in a day, with six different specialities. Then the next people who come in could be different again.

I also like coming to work for the people. We are busy, but we help each other and have a laugh. Time goes so fast because we work so well together.

Do you feel Ramsay supports its employees in accessing training and development opportunities to progress their careers? Any personal examples?

There are a lot of progression opportunities. I have only been here 5 months and already got promoted as a Sister on the ward. There is lots of training and education offered to staff too. At New hall they have employed a Clinical Education Lead which is helpful for training and development of the staff.

When I started I had to do lots of training first before working alongside one of the Sisters on the ward. I was never alone. Although I was a Senior Staff Nurse they understood I came from a different background so had amazing support from staff

What makes New Hall a special place to work, and how would you describe the culture?

There is a family feeling and friendly atmosphere for the patients and the staff. Some staff have been here for many, many years too which I think means something.

I think everywhere has its ups and down, especially during a pandemic, but it’s actually a really nice environment to work in. You can ask for help from anybody, they will do whatever they can. Nothing is ever too much.

What benefits will the new development bring to New Hall?

The new development will allow us to perform more surgeries, allowing us to expand the team. It also allows us to add specialities and areas of development

Considering how well we work now as a team, only better things can come by expanding and having a wider team. The more staff, the more experience you have for senior staff to support new team members. And to provide better patient care, you have to develop your staff.

Are there any particular moments you’ve experienced or individuals you’ve worked with that stand out to you?

The Ward Clerk was who I got the most from when I first started working here. When a few of us started at the same time, it was nice how well we all started to click with each other. We didn’t need to ask each other to do things, it just came very easily. It stands out how quickly people who hadn’t worked together before, with different backgrounds, work so well together.

We really value our people at Ramsay Health Care, tell us how you benefit from this culture in your work life balance with us?

There’s lots of flexibility. Like, if I need to swap shifts there’s never a problem. I feel like the work we do is valued. The Senior Management Team come onto the Ward, check we are ok and ask if we need any help. They always say thank you at the end of a shift, which is very important to me. I try to do the same. If people leave after a long day I make sure they know their job is not taken for granted.

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